Intervention path to recovery

                                  SERVICES OFFERED

   Intervention Services include:

  • Phone consultation 
  • 2 team trainings in preparation for the intervention
  • Consulting and guidance regarding treatment decisions for your loved one
  • Intervention meeting
  • Team debrief post intervention 

   Consulting Services include:

  • Hourly consulting - Not everyone needs an intervention.  In many cases,  education and a bit of  guidance from a professional can help you take next steps and get your loved one to accept help.
  •  Topics can include, but are not limited to:
    •  setting healthy boundaries with your loved one
    • learning how to talk to your loved one about the problem
    • offering a solution 
    • how to choose an appropriate solution (treatment) while working within financial means, insurance etc. 
    • getting support for yourself 

Call for a free phone conversation to learn more.  

I am happy to hear your story and offer appropriate help.  If I can't  help you I'll find someone who can.

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