Jill Lopez is a nationally credentialed interventionist based out of Boulder, Colorado conducting interventions since 2003.  

Jill is one of two interventionists in Colorado to earn and maintain the *CIP credential; the Certified Intervention Professional.  Jill works with families and friends to GET THEIR LOVED ONE HELP for alcohol use, drugs, or other destructive patterns.  

                                                            WHAT PEOPLE SAY/ TESTIMONIALS

  • "She has an excellent ability to "meet" individuals where they are.  Her gentle approach, backed by confidence is so helpful to the families and the addicted individuals.  Jill has a tremendous rapport with all of the individuals she has worked with."  

  • "Thank you Jill for your guidance and your wisdom.  You helped us show how much we care by coming from a place of love instead of fear."

  • "Our entire family is indebted to you - giving all of us the certainty of knowing what had to be done, and how to do it,  that led  'him' to willingly accept treatment."

  • "We will always be grateful for your knowledge, skills, availability, but mostly your commitment to helping us.  There is really no way to adequately express our most sincere appreciation."

  • "I doubt we will ever forget you, your swift and prompt response, and your very even handed coaching."

  • "Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job throughout the intervention process.  We felt such a huge release  by the end and are hoping you too are now basking in the after glow. "

  • "You were very professional and organized and more important you have a wonderful personality."

  • "Jill's technical knowledge of intervention methods and addiction, combined with her compassion and confident approach make  her an excellent interventionist."

​*The CIP credential is a combination of classroom study, field training, supervised experience  and ethics.  The credential is maintained by ongoing related study and training. 



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